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Cold Laser Therapy

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What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is similar to acupuncture but instead of using a needle it directs soft laser beams onto specific points of the body.

How Does It Work?

Cravings, lack of willpower and inability to quit are the three major obstacles to overcome when trying to stop smoking and are quite often the main reasons for starting again. Because it stimulates endorphins (in the same way as nicotine does), laser therapy is able to suppress physical cravings and enhance willpower, enabling a smoker to quit for good.

How Long Does the Therapy Last?

The programme is taken over one hour and  can be designed to fit your requirements.

What Do the Sessions Consist of?

As well as laser therapy, clients receive counselling and back up support. Each client is also given a personalised strategy which helps to avoid relapse, weight gain and the weakening of willpower.

Is It Painful?

No. Some clients may experience a slight feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation but most will feel nothing except for a wonderful relaxed feeling.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Laser therapy is completely safe. The laser beam does not cut or burn and has no side effects other than the feeling of relaxation. Soft, low intensity laser beams have been used for over 30 years to treat a wide variety of conditions from arthritis to soft tissue injuries and now they are used to help people quit smoking for good.

How Successful is Laser Therapy?

 Excellent, controlled medical research has shown how effective LLLT is, without the side effects of many other products on the market. You must want to stop smoking and if you do the laser therapy will help you.

Can Anyone Have Laser Therapy?

Most people can. A  history is taken at the start of the treatment to ensure that no medical reason exist to prevent the therapy from going ahead.

What is the Cost of the Programme?

Surprisingly little. How much do you spend on cigarettes per Year? Avg pack per day = $5100.00 P/Year. The one hour laser therapy cost as little as $550.00 , that's less than 10% of the avg cost per year. Make an Appointment not an excuse

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